Who is Jan Temmerman?

Jan Temmerman has many years of experience as a lawyer dealing with corporate law and, thanks to his numerous professional and non-professional contacts within and outside the business world, understands the importance of discretely negotiated solutions to conflicts that have sometimes been dragging on for far too long.  Since 2016, at the request of non-profit organisation BMediation, he has coached aspiring mediators during their training.  

Jan Temmerman (born 4.12.1956) 

Master of Law UG 1979

Lawyer since 1979

Accredited mediator in civil and commercial matters since 2015

“In mediation, the parties move towards a self-negotiated solution.​​​​

What is mediation?

Unlike an arbitrator, who settles a dispute between parties, Jan Temmerman will steer the opposing sides towards a solution negotiated by the parties themselves. By listening, observing and questioning, he gives the parties involved a clearer understanding of the situation and is able to inspire them, in a private and strictly confidential setting, to reach a negotiated solution, based on new or regained mutual insights and trust. His discretion, communication technique and complete impartiality help him to enable the parties involved to - despite the emotions and frustrations that may have built up - resolve their dispute, in many cases surprisingly swiftly.  He then makes a written record of the agreement reached, ensuring that it is both complete and clear. 

Why mediation?

Conflicts are part of life, but not every dispute has to be settled by a third party.

Here are some revealing statistics (source: “Bemiddelingsbarometer (Mediation Barometer) 2016”)

Jan Temmerman is valued for his empathetic and engaged participation in dialogue, highly effective communication techniques, keen insights and analytical mindset. These are traits that are invaluable in encouraging parties to reopen or improve the lines of communication, thereby gaining an understanding of each other’s genuine concerns. He can draw on these skills to then guide the parties towards a well thought-out agreement that delivers mutual gains. 

“Not only is the process a swift one but, with a 74% success rate, it is highly effective!”


225 euros/hour + office expenses on market terms

“Mediation is always voluntary

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Jan Temmerman
Lawyer-Accredited Mediator

Nieuwebosstraat 5, 9000 GENT
+32 9 324 35 29
BDLT Advocaten: www.bdlt.be